Publish Your Thing

The 13-Part Program to Help You:

Build, Publish, Test, and Grow an Online Business Where You Can Share Your Knowledge for a Profit

. . . without relying on stressful launches, thousands in ad spend, or affiliates.


Stage 1: Build

Build your online HQ and make it remarkable.

In this phase, you might choose to build a website, a blog, or simply a series of attractive landing pages. You’ll know that you're most likely in this phase if you are solid on the topics you want to create content and products around, but don’t yet feel that your online presence will help you obtain your ideal reputation with your audience members.


Make Your Site Remarkable Already

The Epic 30-Step Guided Process to Help You Create an Amazing Online Headquarters Out of Your Website or Blog

MYSRA is a full course to help you plan and execute on creating a clear, profitable website (or blog) that impresses, helps, and builds trust with your future audience.

Make Your Site Remarkable Already helps you:

  • Choose Your Content Model and Whether You Need a Site or a Blog

  • Craft an Amazing Home Page

  • Plan and Execute on Making Your Content Profitable

  • Create Your Email Account(s), Opt-In Freebie, and Automated Email Sequence

  • Truly Present "You" on Your Site or Blog

  • Set Yourself Up for Awesome SEO and Pinterest Optimization

  •  Promote Your Site or Blog in Non-Traditional Ways

  • Plan and Host a Collaboration to Grow Your Brand

  • Make a Plan for Your First $100, $1K, and $10K in Affiliate Commissions

  • And More



Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Make Your Site Remarkable Already.



Visual Arsenal 2.0

The Library of Tutorials and Templates to Help Reduce the Time (and Trial + Error) of Creating Appealing Visuals and Photos to Attract the Right People

Visual Arsenal will help you make sure that your graphics, photos, and promo materials excite your people and communicate what you mean for them to. Through guided tutorials, you will learn how to:

  • Create Engaging Infographics
  • Make GIFs + Short Videos for Social Media
  • Create Attractive Social Media Graphics and Quote Images
  • Develop Your Blog Post or Podcast Graphic Template
  • Create Beautiful Twitter or Facebook Share Graphics
  • Design eBook Covers
  • Create Mockups for Your Content and Products
  • And More

Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Visual Arsenal 2.0.


My Instagram doubled after I took Visual Arsenal.

/  @ChefEvelyn  /


Stage 2: Engage

Set up a channel to broadcast and engage from.

You’re in the engage phase as long as what you “stand for” or “do” as a brand is clear and you have some level of website (whether just a few pages or several blog posts) that looks good, functions well, and directs people to the engagement channel(s) you choose. What channels might you choose to create? Likely (a) an email list and epic content, (b) an online group and an engagement plan, or (c) a messenger bot and an online show.

Engaging with your potential clients through an email list, online group, or some other means allows you to participate in conversations that are helpful for both you and them. Engagement is the start of brand growth.

Build Your Engaged List Already

The 30-Step Guided Process to Help You Build and Grow an Engaged Email List, Entertain and Educate Your Subscribers, and Tune Into What Your People Want

Whether you are building your list from scratch or solidifying and growing what you already have, BYELA will take you through a guided process. You will learn how to:

  • Form Your Email List Strategy (a.k.a. Master Plan)

  • Create a 1-Month Editorial Cal and Decide the Types of Emails You'll Send

  • Choose the Best Email Platform and Set Up an Automation

  • Set Up Your Online Presence for "Conversions"

  • Create Your Welcome Series (of Epic Emails)

  • Set Up One or More of the Seven Types of "Read Magnets" (a.k.a. Content Upgrades)

  • Email Your Distinct Special Content That Engages Them

  • And More



Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Build Your Engaged List Already.



Launch Your Profitable Group Already

The Steps, Guidance, and Materials to Help You Create Your Own Amazing FB Group

LYPGA is a very unique and easy-to-consume-and-implement course. It's unique in how it guides you through launching a group (or growing a current one) in a way that helps you build a number of new members all at once and have high engagement. Most courses teach FB Groups in a way that means your new members will trickle in little by little, often meaning that the community can feel a little "Ghost Town-y." In LYPGA, you will learn how to:

  • Plan Your Meaningful and Profitable Facebook Group

  • Set Up Your Group from Scratch

  • Launch Your Group With an Event (From Someone Who Has Actually Helped Launch Two 1000+ Person Groups With Events)

  • Build Culture and Engagement into Your Group

  • Grow Your Group Consistently

  • And More



Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Launch Your Profitable Group Already.



Audience Magnet Arsenal 2.0

The Templates and Tutorials to Help You Create Exciting, Share-Worthy Opt-Ins and Content Upgrades


Audience Magnet Arsenal 2.0 is your simple, step-by-step guide through creating bonus content pieces to entice the right people to sign up for your email list, online group, Messenger bot, and more. In AMA 2.0, you will learn how to:

  • Craft an Engaging Audience Quiz with Multiple "Result" Options or Prescriptions
  • Create Attractive PDF Workbooks (That are Fillable + Printable)
  • Create Your First Audio Training Series
  • Create Your First Email Course
  • Plan, Record, and Edit Your First Video Series
  • Create Checklists, Cheat Sheets, or Ultimate Tools Lists
  • Set Up Free Virtual Office Hours or Consultations
  • And More

Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Audience Magnet Arsenal 2.0.


^^Each "Arsenal" is designed to help you execute, quickly and beautifully.


Stage 3: Grow

Create paths to your engagement channel so you can grow your audience.

You probably wouldn’t invite your friends to show up at your “open house” when only the foundation of your house was visible (no frame, doors, or rooms), or before you even had an address to direct them to, right?

In the same way, the GROW phase of establishing and publishing your own thing for a profit, is best entered into once you have something meaningful to invite your new audience members to: a remarkable online home and a channel where you can engage with them and reach them with new, helpful info.

For example: You could be ready for the GROW phase as soon as you have your free 2-Day Juice Fasting Guide, attractive opt-in page, and Facebook Group ready. There are of course many other possibilities, this is just one example.


Grow Your Audience and Traffic Already

Workshops and Resources Covering the Many Ways
You Can Get More People Visiting Your Content and Subscribing to Your Channels

GYATA is a set of on-demand trainings, tutorials, and workshops for you to watch, take notes on, and implement immediately. Everything is explained in practical, easy-to-actually-execute-on ways. You will learn how to:

  • Get Started Growing Your Audience and Traffic by Activating Your Current Network of Friends, Family and Acquaintances

  • Master SEO on Your Site (the Non-Scary Way)

  • Use Facebook Groups (as a Member) and Grow Your Audience and Business

  • Use Instagram to Connect with Influencers, Brands, and Collaborators

  • Get Started with Facebook Ads in the Super Beginner Way

  • Get Started in Freelance Writing and Guest Posting

  • Increase Your Site's Engagement and Decrease Your Site's Bounce Rate

  • And More


Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Grow Your Audience and Traffic Already.

Stage 4: Test

Brainstorm and test a product to help the people you engage with.

If you are in the TEST phase of establishing and publishing your own thing for a profit, then you already have a website that serves you well, a channel you’ve developed the habit of engaging your audience in, and at least one growth method that has helped you get people subscribed or tuned into you.

This may mean you have a story similar to mine when I launched my first online education product—I had a blog with several helpful posts, an email list with 71 people I was having fun emailing each week, and good “traction” on Pinterest leading people back to my blog each day.

I created and launched an online course for about $1350 in profit. It was an exciting moment to know that I could help people and that they actually wanted my help and were willing to pay for it. Whether you want to develop a course, a workshop, a book, or something different, testing something out and getting your first (or next) sale is what this phase is for.


Create Your Signature Workshop Already

The 10-Step Guided Process With Templates, Tutorials, and Lessons to Help You Create an Amazing Signature Workshop Online

In this thorough and easy-to-use course, you will learn how to:

  • Teach and Sell With Webinars the Human Way
  • Plan and Outline Your Workshop

  • Choose Your "Profit Model" and Craft the Audience Experience

  • Nail Your Workshop Prep

  • Get the Right Audience to Sign Up for Your Event

  • Produce Your Signature Workshop or Webinar (Using Simple Free/Inexpensive Tools)

  • Perform the Day Of (and Present Confidently)

  • Sell After Your Event

  • And More



Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Create Your Signature Workshop Already.



Self-Publish Your Book Already

The 30-Step Guided Process With Templates, Tutorials, and Guidance to Help You Publish Your Own Books and Workbooks as a Business Model

Printed books are one of the first types of products that I learned to create (without carrying an inventory) that earn me a consistent full-time income each year. In this course I take you through how to:

  • Choose One of the Five Most Profitable Approaches to Self-Publishing

  • Firm Up Your Book Idea

  • Create Your Book Hub (a.k.a Planning + Promotion Headquarters)

  • Outline Your Book the Smartest Way Ever

  • Title and Subtitle Your Book

  • Decide Which Formats You'll Publish Your Book In

  • Price Your Book, Understand Profit Margins, and Set a Book Budget

  • Create Your Book Cover

  • Create a Book Marketing Plan

  • Lay Out Your Book's Interior into a Template

  • Begin to Pre-Sell Your Book

  • Apply for an ISBN and Get a Cataloging in Publication Record

  • And More



Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Self-Publish Your Book Already.



Create Your Epic Course Already

The 30-Step Guided Process With Templates, Tutorials, and Guidance to Help You Create a Helpful, High-Quality Online Course for Your Audience (That Sells)

CYECA helps you not only create a profitable online course, but it also helps you understand how to truly teach other humans well. Teaching passionately, creatively, and memorably is one of my greatest joys in life, and in this course I guide you through how to:

  • Choose and Refine Your Course Idea from Your Passions and Skills

  • Discover the Art of Teaching

  • Select One of the Five Profitable Course Models

  • Create an Audience Magnet (Resource) Related to Your Course

  • Create a Landing Page with a Free Resource (Related to Your Course) to Collect Email Addresses

  • Create an Editorial Calendar of Content to Promote Your Course

  • Create a Course Style Guide and Your Course Collateral

  • Create a "Minimum Viable" Sales Page, Email, or PDF

  • Pre-Sell Your Course Through an Email Course, Webinar, or Challenge

  • Create Amazing Text, Audio, and Video Lessons

  • Create Beautiful Slide Decks

  • Protect Your Course Content (Section Taught by My Brother, the Lawyer)

  • Promote Your Course and Set Up 3 Key Evergreen Funnels



Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Create Your Epic Course Already.



Get Your First Sale Already

The 30-Step Guided Process With Templates, Tutorials, and Guidance to Help You Get Your First (or Next) Few Sales and Truly Learn What Your Audience Wants

GYFSA is one of my most popular courses of all time because it gives you day-by-day actions you can take to get your first (or next) sale. You will learn how to:

  • Firm Up Exactly What You’re Selling

  • Choose Your Launch Model

  • Build the Sales Pages and Collateral You Need to Sell Your Product

  • Create a Funnel from Your Freebie to Your Paid Product

  • Plan Collaborations to Get in Front of Your Ideal Audience

  • Use Instagram in Super Smart Ways to Get People on Your Site

  • Use Some Truly Unique Sales Ideas to Get the Right People Interested in What You're Doing

  • And So, So Much More



Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Get Your First Sale Already.



Sales Script Arsenal

The Templates, Scripts, and Tutorials to Help You Excite Your Audience and Sell Your Products

SSA is one of my favorite resources inside of PYT. You will get:

  • A Formula/Template for Story Sales Emails (and Lesson That Includes Some All-Important Examples from John Wick--the Movie)

  • Sales Call Scripts

  • A Formula/Template for "Full Pitch" Sales Emails

  • A Formula/Template for "Light Pitch" Sales Emails

  • Sales Webinar Scripts

  • Sales Pages Scripts (for Key Parts of Your Sales Pages)

  • And More


Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Sales Script Arsenal.

Stage 5: Scale

Sell your product and scale.

You’ll know you’re in the SCALE phase of establishing and publishing your own thing for a profit, when you’ve gotten sales coming in of your product, it is truly helping people according to their feedback, and you feel like the product is an accurate reflection of your skill/knowledge level (as in: you’ve tweaked and refined it based on early feedback and feel good about scaling up to more customers).

The SCALE phase may also be a good fit for you if you have a product that is selling (and that you’re proud of) and you want to create a complementary product or a more advanced version of the original product but want more customers or evergreen sales methods in order to do so. This is the phase to put valuable funnels and evergreen content in place to consistently lead the right people into a purchasing decision.

Launch Your Flagship Challenge Already

The 10-Step Process to Help You Create and Host an Engaging and Profitable Online Challenge for Your Audience

One of the things I unintentionally massively grew my audience with when I first started my brand was an audience challenge that simply helped people declutter their workspace and focus more. Crazy, right?

Challenges can be so motivating for your audience when done right that often, you'll find people end up doing the promoting and sharing of your content for you. In Launch Your Flagship Challenge Already, you will access a 90-minute workshop and workbook that take you through:

  • Planning Your Challenge’s Brand Purpose and Audience Goal

  • Picking One of the Many Styles of Effective Challenges

  • Deciding on the Content, Name, and Tagline of Your Challenge

  • Planning the Promotion of Your Challenge

  • Using Your Challenge (in Smart Ways) After Its Initial Run

  • And Much More



Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Launch Your Flagship Challenge Already.



Create Profitable Funnels Already

The Templates and Tutorials to Help You Create Humanized, Profitable Funnels

CPFA has helped hundreds of people understand, create, and properly implement helpful, amazing funnels for their brands. In this intense course, you will:

  • Get 50+ Funnel Templates That You Can Modify or Use for Inspiration
  • Understand Your Funnel Foundations and the Framework of an Epic Funnel

  • Decide Who You Want (and Who You Don't Want) in Your Funnel

  • Map + Create Your Audience's Journey (as in: Your Funnel's Chain of Events)

  • Build Your Funnel Starting Point (or Your Content/Lead Magnet)

  • Set Up the Tech and Automations of Your Simple or Advanced Funnel

  • Get Traffic (a.k.a. Humans) to Your Funnel

  • Be Able to Download My 250-Page Book on Humanized, Epic Funnels

  • And More


Download the full program list here for the complete syllabus of Create Profitable Already and all the other courses in the PYT School.


These 13 programs have been carefully crafted together in this order to create Publish Your Thing, after years of testing this content across various niches of my own and those of my clients/students. Who am I? by the way . . .


Hey. I'm Regina. I’ve been writing, teaching, and publishing online full time for several years but initially had a confused, accidental start—as you may have had as well.

I had to slowly (and at times painfully) create, learn, and refine my online business strategies so that I could not only build something meaningful that continued to support me, but also grow to be able to support others. I got my start online with a creative writing blog, then full-time freelance writing gigs, then a graphic design business (with a focus on invitations), and then a design and web business focused on small business owners. This is of course after my cleaning business and a handful of other in-person ventures. I have enjoyed every minute of learning what it takes to make different business models profitable, and I've chosen to focus on helping people who want to teach online. 

Whether you're a coach who wants to scale what you coach, a blogger who is creating workshops and online courses, or a freelancer who now wants to teach everything you know, you've come to the right place. I want to help you monetize and Publish Your Thing.

Enough about me. Just know I’m obsessed with teaching everything I know and helping people take control over social media, content creation, and automation to become self-publishers and producers instead of waiting for permission from “the Man.”

Let's recap. I mean. It is 13 whole courses after all.


You will get immediate access, and keep lifetime access, to all 13 of the PYT courses in your school dashboard as soon as you purchase Publish Your Thing and join us!

These courses would cost $5,635 if sold separately.


But, you can access special Fall 2017 pricing and save thousands.




Did I mention the community of fellow independent content creators
and publishers? Or the fact that you get bonus group coaching calls
each month for three months if you join us now?


If you join us before November 15, you will receive 3 months access (December, January, and February) to my private membership community called Teach Live + Convert (TLC).

This means one group coaching call each month and one additional live mini-course each month, along with a 24-hour online community of action takers. The community, interaction, and personalized feedback are worth well over the $1000 I would normally charge for this, but I truly want you to have this at no additional cost so you will have accountability and interaction as you execute on PYT and establish your profitable online empire.

Let's get to work.

I hope to see you inside of PYT.