Publish Your Thing

Are you ready to share what you know online as a self-publisher, workshop host, or group program leader . . . expanding beyond 1-on-1 client work?


We are going to do two things together in the Publish Your Thing (PYT) program:



Attract and engage (more of) the right people to your brand.

In other words: Build your epic, ideal audience so you can reach the people you want to.


Test your ideas as products to help you sell at a profit and scale your platform.

Think: eBooks, webinars, workbooks, courses, and other helpful information products.


See. Each of the objectives above ^^ has its own courses, resources, and "arsenals" of templates & tutorials inside of PYT for you. There are 10 full courses in total.


The courses below (and the PYT program as a whole) are designed to help you transform your skills and message into something tangible and build up your audience of people who want to buy everything you create. PYT is your arsenal of strategy guides, how-to tutorials, and step-by-step actions to take while you create and improve your online information business.


Attract + Engage


Test + Scale


Each course has advanced lessons for people who have been in business for more than 2 years as well as tutorials and foundational setup lessons for beginners who are skilled and passionate but just getting established.

You'll get a guided path through the program based on your individual/brand needs. The best way I can illustrate this is with fictional cartoon people, of course. Check out Emmanuel, Helen, and Charlotte below.


Meet Helen.


She had been teaching yoga for less than two years when she accidentally found her way in to teaching “desk yoga”—postures and breathing exercises you can do at your desk or with minimal standing room at work.

Helen used to send yoga instructions to her friends via text messages as sets of images, but when people started loving them and asking for more, she realized she could create even more helpful resources by teaching and publishing online.

Only problem was: She had no idea how to do any of this online. Searching the Internet for answers and getting vague, scattered instructions wasn't cutting it anymore.

Instead, inside of the PYT program, Helen has a clear guided path while building her online empire.

1. During the Attract + Engage phase of business building, Helen will:

  • Create a new website for her brand, because her current website is giving her headaches and is not targeted at the right audience anyway, since it was made for people local to San Francisco where Helen used to teach. Using Make Your Site Remarkable Already (the 30-step course inside of PYT), Helen will focus on creating an engaging landing page (and eventually a full site) that introduces her and "desk yoga" to her audience.
  • Create a free quiz plus a free audio course with some handy yoga cheat sheets that she can give away to her audience in exchange for their email addresses and as a part of her sales funnels. She will use the guidance and tutorials inside of Audience Magnet Arsenal to develop these free resources.
  • Build to the first 250 subscribers on her email list so she can later pitch her yoga eBook and "desk yoga" course. Helen will use Build Your Engaged List Already to make sure she's creating a space for her audience to feel connected and able to ask anything.

2. For the Test + Scale phase of creating her brand, Helen will:

  • Use the Self-Publish Your Book Already course inside of PYT to learn and execute on all 30 steps of self-publishing both print and eBooks as a business model. She will advertise and offer her eBook for pre-sale before it's fully written.
  • Then she will switch to promo methods inside of Promote Your Info Product Already that are specifically geared towards people who literally have no audience and need to build one as they sell.
  • Later down the line, use Create Your Epic Course Already to guide her through the planning, outlining, making, launching, and selling of her online yoga course.


Meet Charlotte.


Charlotte is an “online business manager” (kind of a mix between a virtual assistant, project manager, and someone who helps execute on social media and content marketing). She served clients as an OBM for the first three years of her business, but over the last year has transitioned to consulting for people who want to create their own successful VA (virtual assistant) or OBM business.

She now wants to take her knowledge from working with these business owner clients and start teaching it as scalable information products. Inside of PYT, Charlotte will waste not time expanding her online empire.

1. During the Attract + Engage phase of business building, she will:

  • Use Launch Your Engaged Group Already to launch and grow a free Facebook Group for OBMs and VAs the smart way. This course will help her plan a free online event to get her first several group members. She will teach free lessons each week inside the group and use the lessons as a place to pitch her product (explained below).
  • Audit her site with Make Your Site Remarkable Already to help make sure she's not missing out on conversions and chances to draw in her ideal audience members.

2. For the Test + Scale phase of creating her brand, Charlotte will:

  • Create an amazing teaching webinar that she can offer for free to help her sell her minimum viable product (MVP), a 3-day workshop series (for $295) to help people establish their OBM business, create their backend client systems, and get their first clients. Charlotte will use Host Your Online Event Already for its guidance on building humanized sales webinars, its tutorials on running webinars from scratch, and its tutorials on creating engaging and attractive slides. The course will also help her promote her webinar and workshop, as well as learn all the tech and tools necessary to make her events look and feel professional.
  • Use the 50 ideas for promoting a course for free inside of Promote Your Info Product Already to help her get even more sales of her 3-day workshop series. She'll use the handy sales webinar scripts inside of PYIPA as well.
  • Once she's happy with her 3-day workshop series, dive into Create Your Profitable Funnel Already to help her set up her sales funnel starting point, think of unique ideas to get people to her funnel on a consistent basis, fill her funnel in with engaging content, and set up an amazing sales page for her product. She will also use this course for its 50+ example funnel templates and its walkthrough of the tech and tools necessary to make her sales funnel work.


Meet Emmanuel.


Emmanuel is a dog trainer and dog walker/sitter by day, but by night he also translates French and English into Spanish (for authors, companies, and individuals who need written work translated).

He has two separate brands for the work he does and is creating materials for both brands to help teach people how to train their own dogs, as well as how to learn Spanish “the easy way” for newbies and how to get into translation work for people who are fluent in more than one language.

Inside of PYT, Emmanuel will work on his two brands simultaneously, but below we'll focus on his brand that helps people train their own dogs.

1. During the Attract + Engage phase of business building, he will:

  • Use Audience Magnet Arsenal to help him create a free mini-course for people who've just adopted or gotten a puppy: "Your Puppy's First Week: How to Train Your Dog for the First 7 Days"
  • Use Visual Arsenal to learn the basics of taking and editing photos with his cell phone, so he can have some unique and adorable puppy shots to illustrate his points in his free course and on his sales page (explained below).
  • Skip ahead and use Promote Your Infoproduct Already to learn the basics of Facebook and Instagram ads so that he can test out a small weekly budget to advertise his free course.

2. For the Test + Scale phase of creating his brand, Emmanuel will:

  • Outline and sell a 30-day puppy training course using Create Your Epic Course Already.
  • Learn how to make an engaging, entertaining sales page for his course. He will pitch his course to his email list--the people who joined when they signed up for his free 7-day course.
  • Then, audit and refine his current funnel of Facebook ads >> free course >> email sequence >> paid course pitch using Create Your Profitable Funnel Already.


Okay, you'll get to know these *literal* characters even better inside of Publish Your Thing, so let's explore the PYT outline of all 10 courses a little bit more.


Helen teaches "desk yoga"


Theo creates travel guides


Charlotte trains VAs and OBMs


Dr. Rita teaches chess


Emmanuel trains dogs


Ty is a graphic designer


Fedora is a vegan activist


Cara is a copywriter


Zach is an app developer


Georgie teaches crafts + sewing


Psst. In PYT, we're big fans of multiple examples across various industries and types of businesses. That's why you'll have characters like these ^^ to follow along with as well as examples from the real life businesses that I run now or have run in the past (from fitness and yoga, to graphic design, to selling t-shirts, and more). I'm not someone who is trying to help you with business while I've only had experience running a business about business. That's silly. I'm helping you with business because I've done everything from clean houses to write travel articles for a living.

Want to download the full PYT program as a PDF?


Sign up below and we will send over the Spring 2018 Publish Your Thing Program Guide.
This guide contains a lesson listing for each of the 10 courses inside of PYT split into their two major phases of (1) Attract + Engage more of the right audience, and (2) Test + Scale epic products for a profit as you refine your business model.


Okay. Let's go through the two major sections and 10 full courses inside of PYT.

And, yes, you may have guessed this already. Publish Your Thing is designed for both "quick use" (where you get into a specific course and follow 10 guided steps or so to accomplish a specific goal) and long-term use. You'll likely be returning to the materials for years to come because of how comprehensive they are and because of how often I add new lessons based on new business experiments and community feedback/questions.


Part One.
How do you attract and engage the right people with your brand? Which courses inside PYT will help?



1. Make Your Site Remarkable Already

Lessons for both beginners (with no website whatsoever) and people who want to serve their audience better and get more conversions with their current website.


MYSRA is a full course to help you plan and execute on creating a clear, profitable website (or blog) that impresses, helps, and builds trust with your future audience.

For established/advanced business owners, you can use MYSRA to:

  • Reorganize your home page for better conversions with your ideal audience

  • Make a plan for your first $100, $1K, and $10K in affiliate commissions

  • Understand your ideal audience more using a specialized quiz

  • Audit your site for organization and flow to make sure people can get what they need from it

  • Learn to use Instagram and Facebook even better for leading the right people to your site

  • Create a realistic plan for making your site more profitable

  • Make sure you are truly presenting "you" on your site

  • Set yourself up for awesome SEO and Pinterest optimization

  • Promote your site or blog in non-traditional ways

  • Plan and host a collaboration to grow your brand

  • And more


For beginners, you can use this course to help you:

  • Choose your content model and decide whether you need a site or a blog

  • Craft an amazing Home page and About page

  • Create your email account(s), opt-in freebie, and automated email sequence

  • Learn how to truly present "you" on your site or blog

  • Create an engaging launch plan for your site

  • Name your blog/brand

  • Study and select the monetization methods that make the most sense for you

  • Set up "analytics" and learn how to read them to help you make key decisions with your content and products

  • Do key industry research to understand the market

  • Create one or more intelligent "combination" pages (such as: "Start Here" or "Resources for ___") to serve your audience

  • And more

$495 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 10 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.


Make Your Site Remarkable Already is the epic 30-step guided process to help you create an amazing online headquarters out of your website or blog. The full syllabus and lesson listing for MYSRA are available inside the Spring 2018 Program Guide, which you can download here as a PDF.



2. Audience Magnet Arsenal

As with the other PYT arsenals, Audience Magnet Arsenal (AMA) is an epic library of tutorials and templates to help you with a specific goal: building content pieces, freebies, and special offers that will entice the right people to sign up, subscribe, follow, or join you.


Audience Magnet Arsenal is your simple, step-by-step guide through creating bonus content pieces to entice the right people to sign up for your email list, online group, Messenger bot, and more.

Established brand owners can use AMA to:

  • Craft an engaging audience quiz with multiple "result" options or prescriptions that start various "choose your own adventure" style email sequences

  • Plan, record, and edit a video series

  • Set up free (and as automated as possible) virtual office hours or consultations

  • And more


If you're just starting your online empire, AMA will help you:

  • Create attractive PDF workbooks (that are fillable + printable)

  • Create your first audio training series

  • Learn the ins and outs of creating great audio files

  • Create your first email course

  • Create checklists, cheat sheets, or ultimate tools lists

  • Create a mini-course in a weekend

  • And more

$395 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 10 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.


Audience Magnet Arsenal includes the templates and tutorials to help you create exciting, share-worthy opt-ins and content upgrades. The full syllabus and lesson listing for Audience Magnet Arsenal are available inside the Spring 2018 Program Guide, the free PDF.


3. Build Your Engaged List Already

As with the other PYT courses, BYELA includes advanced list-building and list-engaging strategies that you can use for years to come, but it also contains beginner's setup and growth tutorials.


Whether you are building your list from scratch or solidifying and growing what you already have, BYELA will take you through a guided process.

Advanced users can use BYELA to help you:

  • Grow your list with several unique experiments and guided tasks

  • Set up your current online presence for more "conversions"

  • Create more of the seven types of "read magnets" (a.k.a. content upgrades)

  • Choose and implement 1 or more of 30 new ways to lead people to your list signup form consistently

  • Use your current social media platforms in new ways to attract the ideal people to sign up for your email list

  • Go through a guided 30-step process with various list growth ideas to see what works best for your brand and audience

  • And more


If you're just getting started with your email list, use BYELA to:

  • Form your email list strategy (a.k.a. master plan)

  • Create a 1-month editorial cal and decide the types of emails you'll send

  • Choose the best email platform and set up an automation

  • Create your "Welcome Series" (of epic emails)

  • Set up one or more of the seven types of "read magnets" (a.k.a. content upgrades)

  • Email your audience distinct content that engages them and choose from the 10 types of "interactive"/interesting emails to send

  • Pick and implement 1 of 30 ways to lead people to your list signup form consistently

  • Plan and pitch guest posts to help grow your audience

  • And more

$595 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 10 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.


Build Your Engaged List Already is the 30-Step Guided Process to Help You Build and Grow an Engaged Email List, Entertain and Educate Your Subscribers, and Tune Into What Your People Want. The full syllabus and lesson listing for BYELA are available here.


4. Launch Your Engaged Group Already

LYEGA is a very unique and easy-to-consume-and-implement course. It's unique in how it guides you through launching a group (or growing a current one) in a way that helps you build a number of new members all at once and have high engagement.


Whereas most courses teach FB Groups in a way that means your new members will trickle in little by little, often meaning that the community can feel a little "Ghost Town-y," LYEGA takes an entirely different approach.

Advanced users can use LYEGA to help you:

  • Launch your group with an event (from someone who has actually helped launch two 1000+ person groups with events)
  • Build culture and engagement into your group

  • Grow your group consistently

  • Write simple and clear group rules and descriptions (template included)

  • Launch a content series to grow your group (with a 25-step checklist to help)

  • Get ideas for 5+ more event types to help launch or grow your group

  • And more


New group hosts can use LYEGA to help you:

  • Plan your meaningful and profitable Facebook Group

  • Set up your group from scratch

  • Get ideas of prompts and questions to help liven up a quiet group

  • Design your own graphics and collateral to help promote and present your group best

  • Build an info page (opt-in page) for your group that encourages the right people to sign up

  • Set up your strategy to bring in new members consistently

  • Get the Facebook algorithm to work for you and share your group to the right people

  • And more

$395 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 10 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.



5. Visual Arsenal

VA is a library of Tutorials and Templates to Help Reduce the Time (and Trial + Error) of Creating Appealing Visuals and Photos to Attract the Right People


Visual Arsenal will help you make sure that your graphics, photos, and promo materials excite your people and communicate what you mean for them to.

Established business owners can use Visual Arsenal to help you:

  • Create engaging infographics that help you shape a story or narrative for your audience and motivate them or sell them a solution
  • Make GIFs + short videos for social media
  • Design attractive slides for lessons and presentations

  • Design amazing email templates

  • Create digital product flyers 

  • Understand how to better use your mobile phone for photography

  • Edit photos on your phone or in Photoshop for a professional outcome

  • And much more


If you're new to creating epic visuals, you can use VA to:

  • Create attractive social media graphics and quote images
  • Develop your blog post or podcast graphic template
  • Create beautiful Twitter or Facebook share graphics
  • Design eBook covers that excite your future readers
  • Create mockups for your content and products
  • Learn the foundations of good photography and DSLR use
  • And more

$395 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 10 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.


Visual Arsenal is your new favorite library of step-by-step video guidance through how to impress and engage with visuals. The full tutorial and lesson listing for VA are available here in the 2018 Spring Program Guide for PYT.


Hey. There are still more sections/courses to discover below, but I figured this was a good time to randomly drop in some testimonials like all those other fancy sales pages do.


P.S. Unlike the cartoon characters I introduced you to at the top of this page, these are real people who've given me their real permission to share their real posts.


Publish Your Thing has helped humans start businesses, transition their skills online, become even more profitable with a business they've been running for years, and much more. I get so excited each time a person tells me they've made back their investment in PYT, and even more excited when they tell me they've hit their business and income goals. I'm not someone who just disappears on you after you join this program, I'm actually here for your success.


Keep reading below for the other half of the PYT courses and more details on our supportive community.

Whoa. We still have 5 more courses to discover below, but did I mention you can get this as a PDF?


Sign up here and we will send over the Spring 2018 Publish Your Thing Program Guide.
This guide has the syllabus and outline of all 10 courses inside of PYT split into their two major phases of (1) Attract + Engage more of the right audience, and (2) Test + Scale epic products for a profit as you refine your business model.


Part Two.
What are the best products to test out so that you can eventually scale and get a better return on your time? How do you figure out what people will pay for? 
How can you sell in very human, natural ways?



6. Host Your Online Event Already

HYOEA is three things: (1) is a full system, checklist, step-by-step process, and set of tutorials to help you create an amazing signature workshop and audience experience online, (2) an engaging workshop and checklist along with templates and easy-to-follow guidance on hosting your own virtual conference, and (3) a workshop and workbook with the 10 steps of launching a flagship challenge for your audience online.


This thorough and easy-to-use course will give you extra guidance no matter how many webinars, challenges, or full online conferences you've done in the past . . . 0 or 300+.

Advanced users can use HYOEA to help you:

  • Craft a unique audience experience and plan a "sticky" event (before, during, and after) that makes people want to consume the whole thing on repeat
  • Choose your "profit model" for your event--even if the event itself is free

  • Get the right audience to sign up for your event

  • Sell better before, during, and after your event with powerful follow-up sequences and ideas
  • Help you make the most of your event after it's over with a post-event checklist and ideas for making it an evergreen content piece or product
  • Access advanced templates and scripts for creating an online conference from scratch
  • And more


New online event hosts can use HYOEA to help you:

  • Teach (and sell!) with webinars the human way
  • Build in the high converting elements of a workshop landing page

  • Plan and outline your workshop to create something distinct and helpful for your audience
  • Nail your workshop prep and have all the right tech and tools on hand
  • Perform the day of (and present confidently)
  • Create your event agenda and other workshop collateral
  • Launch your flagship challenge to attract the right audience
  • And more

$695 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 10 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.



7. Self-Publish Your Book Already

Learn to create and sell eBooks and printed books (without carrying an inventory) that impress your audience. Self-published books are one of the first product types I learned to create that earn me a consistent full-time income each year, and this course shares what I know about how to do that.


Join us for a 30-step guided process with templates, tutorials, and more to help you self-publish your own books and workbooks as a business model.

Advanced users can use this course to help you:

  • Create your book hub (a.k.a planning + promotion headquarters)
  • Price your book, understand profit margins, and set a book budget

  • Create your book cover

  • Create a book marketing plan

  • Lay your book's interior out into a template

  • Begin to pre-sell your book

  • Apply for an ISBN and get a Cataloging in Publication Record

  • Create 1 - 3 key funnels into your book

  • And more


If you are self-publishing your first book, use this course to help you:

  • Choose one of the five most profitable approaches to self-publishing
  • Firm up your book idea

  • Outline your book the smartest way ever

  • Title and subtitle your book

  • Decide which formats you'll publish your book in

  • Protect your book with an official copyright

  • Create your publishing house and get legit

  • Create mockups of your book

  • Create your social media collateral and other promotional materials

  • Create a landing page and opt-in gift to collect email addresses

  • And more

$595 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 10 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.


The full syllabus and lesson listing for SPYBA are available in the 2018 Spring Program Guide for PYT.


8. Create Your Epic Course Already

CYECA helps you not only create a profitable online course, but it also helps you understand how to truly teach other humans well. Teaching passionately, creatively, and memorably is one of my greatest joys in life, and in this course I guide you through "the how" along with the strategy and tech.


Advanced business owners can use CYECA to help:

  • Create a launch plan and ongoing marketing plan for your course that really fit you and help you grow
  • Select one of the five profitable course models that will help you frame your course in the best way for your audience
  • Protect your course content (section taught by my brother, the epic business lawyer)

  • Create a unique type of audience magnet (resource) related to your course

  • Create a landing page with your free resource to help you collect email addresses

  • Promote your course and set up 3 key evergreen content sequences from your opt-in and landing page

  • And much, much more


If this is your first course or group program, use CYECA to:

  • Choose and refine your course idea from your passions and skills
  • Create an editorial calendar of content to promote your course
  • Create a course style guide and your course collateral

  • Create a "minimum viable" sales page, email, or PDF

  • Pre-sell your course through an email course, webinar, or challenge

  • Create amazing text, audio, and video lessons

  • Create beautiful slide decks

  • Plan and create a "test version" of your course and admit early students to try it

  • Create your course community and support plan

  • And more

$795 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 10 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.



9. Promote Your Info Product Already

PYIPA contains not only the checklists and guidance from Get Your First Sale Already (one of my most popular courses of all time because it gives you day-by-day actions you can take to get your first--or next--sale) as well as the lessons from Grow Your Audience and Traffic Already (all about getting your brand and content out in front of the right people, but it also contains my 4-part system for promotion (that I've never taught before) and over 20 modules that explore 20 different promotion methods--half of them truly, actually designed for people who have no audience whatsoever. I don't say that lightly. I mean it.


Advanced business owners can use PYIPA to help you:

  • Tweak your sales pages to help your audience understand your product more and visualize themselves using it
  • Promote your info product or info service with webinars that matter and are memorable

  • Use unique Facebook/Instagram ads funnels to help you educate, entertain, and "close" clients

  • Promote your product in your Facebook Group in smart ways

  • Use Instagram (in ways you haven't already heard 17 times) to get people on your site and freebies related to your product

  • Know what to say in sales emails to switch it up a bit--you'll get a formula/template for story sales emails (and a lesson that includes some all-important examples from John Wick--the movie)

  • Know what to say on sales calls, with some helpful opening and closing scripts

  • Ditto sales webinar scripts

  • Delight and re-invite people into a new experience after the "purchase / no purchase" moment in the promotion cycle

  • And more


Those new to selling online can use PYIPA to:

  • Learn the 4-part framework to true promotion--which includes reaching new people if you don't have any engaged subscribers right now
  • Use guest posting to invite new audience members into your ecosystem
  • Improve your search engine strategy for a long-term method of bringing in new people
  • Build the sales pages and collateral you need to sell your product
  • Create a simple content sequence from your freebie to your paid product

  • Get easy scripts you can use to let your family and friends know what you're doing and get their help

  • Pay for "traffic" ethically and affordably

  • Pitch collaborators and influencers

  • Use Facebook Groups for free (as a member/participant) to connect with future clients and collaborators

  • Get the most out of Pinterest for free and through Promoted Pins
  • And more

$995 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 10 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.


Promote Your Info Product Already is the course that many other people are scared to teach. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But seriously, it's not only guidance to help you get your first (or next) few sales but a whole new framework for looking at promotion that I haven't seen anyone else share. The full syllabus and lesson listing for PYIPA are available here in the 2018 Spring Program Guide for PYT. I highly recommend looking at all the lessons inside this massively helpful resource that you can use for years to come.


10. Create Your Profitable Funnels Already

CYPFA is not only templates and tutorials to help you create humanized and profitable funnels, but it is also an intelligent framework for thinking through the marketing and sharing of your products and services that goes beyond funnels.


Create Your Profitable Funnels Already has helped hundreds of people understand, create, and properly implement helpful, amazing funnels for their brands. You will be able to go through the course in order or download the 200+ page manual to help you build your funnels.

Both established business owners and those newer to building funnels will find lessons on:

  • The 4-part framework of an effective, full funnel
  • How to plan your funnel by reverse engineering the "perfect" outcome

  • Firming up who the audience of your funnel is

  • Figuring out the best type of content (and order of content) to deliver in an email or bot/ad sequence

  • Personalizing your funnel content and paths for the individuals who will go through it

  • Setting up the necessary tech and automations of your simple or advanced funnels

  • Getting "traffic" (a.k.a. humans) to the start of your funnel

  • The best content pieces to start off your funnel

  • And more

$595 if sold separately

But don't worry: all 12 courses inside PYT are sold together at one actually unbelievable price.


It's like this.

PYT is for people who want to sell their information and skills without spending the next 4.5 months in research mode.

If you've ever spent a sleepless night searching through Pinterest/Google/etc. for guidance on how to set up (or get the most out of) an email funnel, or how to get your sales page to actually motivate someone to take action, or how to come up with webinar topics that convert then actually set up your webinar form start to finish . . . know that it's all inside of PYT in an organized, easy to find, easy to follow, fun to consume format.


Hey. Regina here.


I'm a nerd who went to school for business but will freely admit that most of what I've learned about business came from managing retail teams, being a regional trainer for a car dealership chain, and starting up 10+ businesses of my own (over 15 years) that all became profitable, some of them earning me a full-time living.

Online, you can find me at, in my Humans of Online Business group on Facebook, on Medium, on Instagram, or on Twitter. And in real life you can find me in Mexico, lost somewhere in Europe, or hosting workshops for PYT humans somewhere else in the world.

I'll be one of your main guides inside of PYT. I have poured years of trial, missteps, trial, more trial, tons of error, and then lots of wins, successes, triumphs, and lessons learned and re-learned into Publish Your Thing.


This could easily cost $25,000. Let me explain.

Other "industry leaders" charge $1,000 to $2,500+ for single courses meant to be similar to each individual course inside of the Publish Your Thing program. Meaning, if you went and purchased courses from a handful of "online experts" at their regular prices, it would cost $12,000, or maybe $25,000 . . . or even up to $30,000 or more to get good courses on all the topics inside PYT.

Here's the deal though: Most of these individual courses by other experts don't give as much guidance and up-to-date help as each of the courses inside of PYT. Many of my students report back to me on the money they wasted on previous courses before finding the PYT program. I hate that this happens and I created PYT as an affordable and comprehensive online business school to help people take control of their investments of time and money in their businesses.

If I sold each of the 10 courses individually (which I don't), this is how much they would cost:


Don't worry though. Our special Spring 2018 pricing means that not only will you pay less than if buying courses from other experts, and not only will you pay less than if I sold these separately, but you will also get better content and support than what you find elsewhere. Added bonus: All the courses inside PYT fit and flow well together, unlike the courses you might get from all the various experts online.

There's simply no guarantee that getting that one course on how to create courses, or that one course on how to create a Facebook Group is actually worth the $1600 you'll pay for it. Let's remove that risk from the equation with a solution that is actually working for other humans like you.


This price is only guaranteed for the next 17 people who join us.
The price will be going up to 6 monthly payments of $310 each after that.


When you join PYT, you get immediate access to all 10 courses (except Promote Your Info Product Already which starts on March 25). You also get access to our private community and the other perks below.


So, who is PYT for?

Publish Your Thing is designed for you if you:

  • Already know what you like to do, what you love to talk about, and what you're good at.
  • Don't subscribe to people promising you six-figure results with minimal effort.
  • Love people, even if you don't always like them 😂--and have a deep need to teach people something or help them accomplish key goals.
  • Believe it is possible to create a different life model and lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones with strategic work.
  • Do not want to only offer services, but have a deep desire to teach/help people through books, workshops, group programs, courses, workbooks, templates, and other information products.
  • Don't think the world is completely against you and capable of holding you down, but instead believe you have the power to create, shift, and improve your environment.
  • Want support, quick answers, and memes or jokes from like-minded people while you grow.

Do you like virtual coffee dates and having a place to ask questions (whether simple or complex)?

Publish Your Thing comes with an online community that is open 24-7 and whose members inhabit several countries across the world.

Do you like personalized prescriptions of what to tackle next?

Each month, we have Quick Start Group Coaching Calls for new PYT-ers to share about their businesses and get ideas for accomplishing their next goal plus guidance on where to start inside of PYT.


A one-time payment option is also available on the same page ^^ above.
This price is only guaranteed for the next 17 people who join us.
The price will be going up to 6 monthly payments of $310 each after that, or a one-time payment of $1695. Currently, the one-time payment is only $1395.


When you join PYT, you get access to all 10 courses, access to our private community, and the other perks above.

You can shop with confidence as PYT comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. This money back guarantee is hassle free. I don't make you submit filled out homework sheets, locks of your hair, or blood samples to get your money back. If PYT doesn't work for you in the first two weeks, you can email us at, and we will return your money, respectfully, like humans.