Publish Your Thing

Publish Your Thing is a 13-part program from Regina of to help you build, publish, test, and grow an online business where you can share your knowledge for profit (oh, and fulfill that whole "purpose" thing that keeps you up at night).


Instead of going out and collecting multiple different courses from various instructors (who might not even have a similar business model/niche to yours) and hoping for the best, I created Publish Your Thing from my experience creating profitable brands online and in person as a freelance writer, an invitation designer, a WordPress wizard, a t-shirt maker, a teacher/coach, and more.

Publish Your Thing (PYT) focuses in on helping you create a profitable information brand online. It's perfect for you if you want to share your knowledge, teach, and/or create information products. PYT will help you build your list, launch a profitable online group, create amazing visuals for your brand, create remarkable content that gets noticed and shared, self-publish your own book, get your first sale online, and so much more.


Inside Publish Your Thing, you will find:

  • 10 individual guided online learning experiences, each with their own 30-day challenge or easy to follow set of steps (which you can do separately or simultaneously); and

  • 3 "arsenals" (or vaults) of templates and tutorials to save you time and money as you create all your visuals, content, and sales pages/emails


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