You've probably seen it.


Marketers (who have one-hit wonder courses) love to talk about their 6- and 7-figure course launches, then sell you their $2,000 course about creating courses, but the problem is . . . many of them never actually tell you how to sell your course to someone who has never heard of you before. How to promote, and grow, and scale when you're starting with 0.0 people in your audience.

So then you're stuck with great content that's not helping anyone. I'm tired of hearing about this cycle. So, I'm hosting live, virtual, intimate office hours (the first half is a training on how to promote your course from actual scratch, the second half is a Zoom call where you can ask questions and learn from the other course creators in the room as you hear their questions as well).

Come discover the 4-part framework for true promotion, plus, spend an additional 60 minutes in a small virtual room, getting answers to your specific questions.

I'm even including my exclusive course launch case study that I used to charge $95 for.

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Our high-energy and real Zoom session on how to promote your course from scratch will be immediately followed by consulting office hours. You can choose to be on screen asking questions, or turn your webcam off and just type/speak your questions.

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Your case study digital kit includes a 63-page case study on my first online course launch for $1,350 in profit with an email list of only 71 people.

"But, aren't you just like everyone else and you've only had one truly successful course--which happened to be your course about courses?" you may be asking.


That'd be a hard NO. But it's a fair question because of the way "internet marketers" work. But no, I used to teach WordPress and social media classes in person for a full-time living, then I launched the course you'll learn about in my 63-page case study when I had an email list of 71 people (the course made about $1,000/month while it existed that year--2014), then I launched my first signature course on blogging for $17K profit (it went on to make over 6 figures), and I've released several 5-figure workshops and 6-figure courses since then. 

And no, they aren't all courses on how to make courses. In fact, my second course to reach over 6 figures in profit within a few months timeframe was a graphic design and photography course. I don't even have a course on courses for sale. I teach you how to connect with and engage your intended customers, then actually promote your teaching products to them.

In this live class and office hours, I'm sharing with you the real 4-part framework for promotion that no one else is teaching.  They're selling dreams, I'm selling strategic work to help you live your dreams.

Part of my knowledge comes from my background of studying business in college, part of it comes from managing retail stores and offices after college, but most of it comes from running my own businesses after I left the corporate world. I've cleaned homes, written freelance travel articles, and more for a living. You and I are so beyond this one-hit wonder junk, so let's make it official and meet for office hours.

P.S. You will probably take several pages of notes. Oh, and, so as not to be sneaky, I like to tell you ahead of time that I may share one of my long-term courses/options with you during our session.

Okay, let me give you the outline of our upcoming experience.

How do the Promote Your Course Office Hours and Live Classes work?

1. You choose an available time below and register.

You'll answer a few questions to help me research and prepare for our office hours and live class.

2. I send you the link to a worksheet set that you'll want to have printed off or pulled up on screen for our session.

3. At the date and time you chose, you will spend the first hour (with a small group in a virtual Zoom room) learning the 4-part framework I've been telling you about.

It will help you promote ANY info product or info service. Most people only acknowledge/teach one part of this framework, which is why the methods they use/teach don't work in reaching a completely new audience and/or don't work for many niches outside of Internet marketing. But trust me, I get you--I'm a registered yoga teacher AND a business author/instructor.

4. You will spend the second hour (with your new best course friends) asking questions specific to your course, business, and niche.

I will be answering your questions live and drawing on the research and prep I did before our session based on your answers to my questions.

5. I'll then share with you a special link to get my 63-page course launch case study (previewed below).

I'll tell you more about so you can determine if it will help you with your online business goals. 

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These custom sessions are similar to real-life office hours due to the amount of preparation I do for them and the fact that a spot is being held for you out of an actually limited room size. There are no refunds or replays offered for these sessions, but you will be able to reschedule to a different session if it's more than 48 hours away from your scheduled session.

You'll likely take a ton of notes, so come prepared to write/type. Oh, and so you'll know I'm real and so you will have something to do while you wait, as soon as you register, I'll send you your 16-page worksheet set (3 of those pages include a checklist for launching the minimum viable version of your course; they are your only homework assignment before our session).


Ready for the Promote Your Course office hours and training? We're going live this week.

Register now for one of the actually limited spots.

I will send your worksheet set via email right away.


Who is this experience best for and who are you?


Hey, I'm Regina of And this live class + office hours combo is for anyone who has an online course or plans to create one in the next 3 - 6 months. I've created and sold over 20 online courses and 5 in-person courses in the last few years.

I started + grew my first freelance writing business and (separately) my freelance design and web shop on the nights and weekends, while working full-time jobs. It was rough but it was wonderful. And I won't even get into the cleaning business, t-shirt business, invitation design business, and more that I had before transitioning to teaching online, and writing books, and hiring people to help me.

And because you asked: I like vegan tacos, yoga, kettlebells, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and tea. A lot. Also, I'm fond of hundreds of movies made between 1930 - 1950.

But back to the real point: The Promote Your Course Office Hours and Live Classes exist because I want to make sure you are not alone, late at night, Googling endlessly for this information to no avail. They also exist because I wish that instead of holding on to all their secrets, "experts" felt comfortable sharing more of their true strategies and spent more time engaging with and helping the people they're asking for money from. I want to change the way things are done, hence this unique experience.


I'll see you for our office hours, soon. --Regina